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Devon B.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey look it's a silly doodle of me!

Im an awkward, sarcastic, teenage fucknut

Commissions are always open though I'm afraid I don't have my price chart up yet, whoops!

Asexual Stamp by sunbirds (of the homoromantically nature)
I know a lot of people have requested me to finish the sprite edit series but I am sorry to say that I'm just not as into it like I was before. I started the next one but just cant get myself to finish it, seeing as I started these as a fun thing to do I am sorry to say I am not continuing the series at the moment nor do I know if I will ever finish them. 


Space Quest Web Comic Debut by PiggyEmpire
Space Quest Web Comic Debut
Yo I draw a lovely web comic ( Space Quest )  and you should all check it out. Not much has happened yet but its about sci-fi pirates if that interests any of you. Gonna have lots of fight, theft, drinks, and maybe even a rebellion or two. Above is Sera, one of the main 5 characters.
Ill submit when there are updates on here but the pages and any art for it will be on the tumblr account.

You can find it and any art or progress for it here ->
Header- bounties by PiggyEmpire
Header- bounties
Header for the webcomic my friends and I are starting! Find it here ( I love the comic plot to death and hope it will translate well in the pages c: First page should be up rather soon. 

In case you can’t read the text here is what they say (which is probable):

Silvian N/A, Early 20′s, 5′8″, Captain- Snakebite, Theft, embezzlement, vandalism, forgery, murder, manslaughter, piracy, arson, slave trading…, 7 trillion gallos.

Sam Elrino, 119, 5′6″, First mate- Snakebite, Destruction of planent 618 (under the interplanetary alliance), piracy, theft, destruction of government property, 5 trillion gallos.

James, 29, 6′0″, Assassin- Snakebite, treason, piracy, assassination, 6 trillion gallos.

Sera N/A, 17? records for 40, 5′4″, Information Broker, treason, theft, release of confidential intel., 500 billion gallos.

Shizen Da’ Balkenco, 212, 5′7″, Geldiamstience, stuence, minunvivca da’ xetoco, minunvuvca da’ gastusco, nunxeto zapturen propamjem tam cremajem, 10 fien gallos. [Shizne da’ balkenco, 212, 5′7″, mercanary, theft, treason, exile (and the breaking of), illegal weapon creation and selling…, 10 trillion gallos.]

Shizen Bust by PiggyEmpire
Shizen Bust
My character from an RP I am in. 
New and improved bust complete with scars, tat revamps, and missing horns. 

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